Our Attitudes

We like to work in a casual environment, but take your problems very seriously. We do not prescribe medication lightly, and when it is recommended, you can be sure that we sincerely believe that the potential benefits will exceed the potential risks.

Initial appointments will take considerably longer than follow-up appointments. We try to estimate the proper amount of time necessary for each patient, and try to stay on schedule for the convenience of all. At times, however, some patients may unexpectedly require longer sessions. It is our hope that you will be understanding if there are instances of waiting. Our average time for follow-up appointments is fifteen to twenty minutes.

We request that you plan to spend a few minutes in the office prior to meeting with the doctor to fill out a symptom checklist that assists us with being thorough. Filling out this checklist will also give you time to formulate any special questions or concerns prior to your appointment. We want you to leave our office feeling that all your questions have been answered.

We firmly believe in an attitude of tolerance for others, and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, religion, race or orientation.

If our viewpoints seem to be in conflict with your expectations, we would kindly request that you consider other practitioners.